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There was a huge period of inactivity here for me. Just not for deviantart, but just for my life in general. I was having a difficult time my senior year and everything was a mess. I was overworking my self at the restaurant, at school, stressing about college, juggling extracurriculars, a one sided relationship, and going through a fallout with a person who'd I'd given too many chances too (and they ended up running off with my $300 wacom tablet, seriously!?).

But what made my existence so miserable was that I had forsaken my art in order to make time for my busy life.
Literally right after I graduated, I moved to Hawaii to live with my Aunt and her family. The moment I picked up a pencil and started drawing for the first time in months, just felts Amazing, i felt soo relaxed, like I could breathe again. It made me realize how much I relied on art not just for enjoyment but to keep me level.

Away from home, I'm able to reflect and rebuild, and strengthen up. My six month stay is half-way through and I start college in the Spring. But in the meanwhile, I'm learning and having a great time.

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title says it all. Just lettin' you guys know.
Sorry about the disappearance :(
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I haven't uploaded too many things in while.
Well school just started yesterday for one thing, and I've been preparing for it.
Secondly, I've got a job now, and it's not that it's a hard job, i just come home smelling like Thai food after 6(or more) hours. It's just a bit time consuming.

And with school, it seems I've over committed myself. I am Beta Club Reporter, Book Club Founder, Senior Editor in charge of making yearbook, and also a Senior, so all that pre college stress to add to the kindling.

So while my time is in a chokehold, I still plan on uploading when I can. Just not as often.

Wish me luck!
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Sorry guys, I've going on a drawing spree lately, I don't know how soon I'll have some photography to post :(
I'm working hard to finish a project and create the cover my high school's 2013-2014 year book :)

so maybe photos later, and maybe requests? I dunno
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Check out some of this guys wicked graffiti art
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School is killing me now guys, I barely even have time to sleep at this point.

There's all this testing going on for our Junior class, then I'm in about 4 clubs for school, I'm the Copy Editor for Journalism, and I'm applying to study communicative arts at a college this summer, ect., ect., ect. . . . . .

Bro, School kills.

I'm gong to try and do some Maze Runner sketches, do some other art, But I'm still juggling the Novel I'm writing. It's 3/5 of the way done so I might post some sketches I have for that because there are a LOT of them.

So, sorry Guys, hope you understand. . . . .

Education is important and, blah, blah bahahahs blah blah. . . . I'm too tired to give a damn about my 3.8 grade average. . . . .
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School doesn't start until September so I've got an extra month to finish long projects :)
Look forward to that because I'll share it with you guys :D

And strangely enough I think I do more drawing in photography during school than during my super long breaks :S

oh, well

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It's been a while since final exams snuck up on me, but guess what?

My Scanner's back.

My Camera's working.

And School's out.


I'm Back, kids

And With A Vengeance.
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When you finally get your camera working :)

And then your scanner's busted :(

And you have all these Maze Runner Sketches :o

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I really really really have a hankering to go out and take pictures,

but, see, My Camera is having battery difficulties.  

So, i'll have to wait :(

But in the meantime I will be posting little doodles and sketches from time to time :)

And for those of you who were here for my photography, I apologize :[
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You know.... .
In the past 8 months I've been here. . . . . I've never written a Journal.

And this will be here probably for the next nine months. . . . . .
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